Child Degradable Waterproof Eco-Poncho With Hood – Pack of 10

Environmentally Friendly Child Size Pack of 10

The waterproof Eco-Poncho with hood, manufactured from the eco-friendly degradable PE+EPI with TDPA (totally degradable plastic additive) material, meaning that the ecological impact is minimised and, once disposed of, will break down and degrade within a few months. Whilst being lightweight, they are suitable for those unforeseen weather conditions. The ponchos are sold in packs of 10.

Product Description.

Child waterproof degradable eco-friendly rain poncho with hood. Minimal environmental impact, landfill friendly, 40″ x 60″, the length from shoulder to hem is 30″. Heat sealed seams. Construction: 0.02mm PE+EPI degradable material

Available Colour

Frosted transparent only

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