Waterproof Poncho

- Waterproof rain ponchos in adult and child sizes. Raincoats and Over-trousers

Waterproof Ponchos

At StayDry we provide a wide range of rainwear to keep you dry, including waterproof ponchos. Our collection of waterproof ponchos make facing the great outdoors easier than ever.

Whether you need a festival poncho for a week full of music or a rain poncho for a weekend in the outdoor, our wide selection of child rain poncho and adult rain poncho are ideal for you.

At StayDry, we also provide a range of bespoke printed ponchos for theme parks, brands and events.

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Why choose a StayDry waterproof poncho?

At StayDry, we understand the importance of product quality and performance. This is why we ensure our waterproof poncho range is made from high-quality materials such as deluxe PVC.

Waterproof Poncho

Our practical, lightweight rain ponchos offer full protection from the rain due to their waterproof capabilities. As well as being waterproof, our ponchos also provide some protection from the wind, which is likely when the weather isn’t at its best.


Due to the material our ponchos are manufactured from, they are very lightweight. This makes our waterproof ponchos ideal for when you’re on the go or already carrying a heavy load. Our ponchos can be folded and therefore easily fit in your bag making them perfect for days out to theme parks, festivals and other outdoor activities.

Hooded Poncho

A hooded poncho provides you with extra protection in the rain. Our range of rain ponchos is designed with hoods to ensure you stay dry where ever you go. All our ponchos are also heat sealed to ensure no water can get through the seams of our ponchos.